Global Menu

The inspiration for our menu are the popular street food dishes from all around the world.

From our Latin-inspired Chimichurri Rib Eye and mouth-watering Chinese Pork Gao Bao, right through to a taste of Thailand with our Thai Sweet Chilli King Prawn Salad.

Sensational flavours to get you excited about food again.

Super Size Sides

The ultimate comfort food and perfect for sharing, our super-size sides are available with a selection of toppings including chilli cheese with jalapeños, shredded chicken with cheese, tandoori mayo and guacamole or our most popular Cuban pulled pork fries with BBQ sauce, cheese, jalapeños and crème fraiche.

Steak Sub

Our global kitchen, wouldn’t be very global without something special from our friends stateside. Introducing our Philly Rib Eye Soft Sub. Succulent sliced rib eye, melted runny cheese, green peppers, red onion and mushrooms finished with deliciously creamy Provolone cheese.


Our delicious wraps section is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a light, healthy and tasty option during your visit to Dedos Global Kitchen.