Healthy and Vegetarian Options

Because it’s all about balance. We’re passionate about healthy food and we recognise the importance of eating well and feeling good. Here are some of our recommended healthy, vegetarian dishes:

Super Food Bowl

One of the most popular salads we offer, our Super Food Bowl consists of red and white quinoa with avocado, carrot, chickpeas, cucumber and egg. All topped off with a sesame seed oil and soy rice vinegar dressing.

Dedos Vegan Burger

You asked, we listened. Due to popular demand we’re proud to introduce our lentil and quinoa based vegan burger, with caramelised red onion and spiced chimichurri dressing.

Greek grilled halloumi plate

A cheese lover’s dream. With a generous portion of halloumi, served on a plate of refreshing green salad with red and white quinoa, tzatziki and cucumber dressing.



While all of these selected dishes are meat free, we ask that you please inform your waiter if you require vegan or vegetarian options, to ensure your exact requirements are met. Thank you.

19. Dedos vegan no beef burger Veg 9,75
Vegan burger with rocket, tomato, caramelised red onion and vegan White Dedos Sauce.

21.Super food bowl Veg 9,95
Mixed salad leaves, avocado, red and white quinoa topped with carrot slivers, chickpeas, cucumber & egg with a sesame seed oil & soy rice vinegar dressing.
Add chicken breast + 2,00 Add Prawns + 5,50

25. Greek grilled halloumi plate Veg 9,95
This comes with dedos green salad, red & white quinoa, tzatziki & cucumber


60. Dedos gourmet salad wrap Veg 9.50
Mixed salad leaves, avocado, red and white quinoa, shredded
carrot, chickpeas, cucumber, soy rice vinegar dressing and vegan
Dedos white sauce. All served in a warm, toasted wrap.

61. Falafel Gyro 9.75
Chickpea and garlic spiced patty with a cooling cucumber, red
onion & mint tzatziki sauce in our house made pitta wrap.

62. Indian egg kathi roll 10.95
A chapatti wrap topped with a layer of egg, diced tomato,
sliced tandoori chicken breast, red onion, coriander &

65. Philly rib eye steak soft sub 11.95
Sliced rib eye, green peppers, red onion & mushrooms finished with provolone cheese


By owning our own butchers `Meat Boutique ́ allows us to
deliver to you premium “always fresh, never frozen” gourmet burgers, every time, without the extra cost of a middle man

97. BB.O – Beefy Bacon & Onion 200g 14.95
Diced smoked bacon and confit onion mixed throughout a 100% beef patty.  Served in a soft, shiny bun topped with crunchy onions, iceberg lettuce, gherkins, Bbq sauce, white Dedos sauce and American mustard. Served with fries.

71. Dedos classic cheese burger 200g 12.95
Lettuce, tomato, molten American cheese, onion & tomato ketchup. Served with fries.

72. Double smash burger 200g 13.95
Two smashed burger patties with melted edam & cheddar cheese, gherkin, iceberg lettuce & Dedos white sauce. Served with fries.

73. Crispy Fried Chicken burger 13.25
Buttermilk marinated chicken breast with crisp garden lettuce, onion & dedos white sauce. Served with fries.

74. Flame grilled BBQ bacon burger 200g 13.95
With crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, char-grilled BBQ onion, lettuce & tomato. Served with fries.

75. Mushroom & Italian cheese burger 200g 13.95
Beef patty with Italian melted provolone cheese, onion, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomato & Dedos white sauce. Served with fries.

Add extra burger patty + 4€ / Gluten free bread + 1.50€


96. Tender fillet steak (220g) 22,95
Preparedover a charcoal grill for a deep flavour

32. Chimichurri rib eye (220g) 20,95
Tender buttery steak with a latin American drizzle and a dedos twist

36. Harissa fillet steak skewers  21,95
Skewer of tender fillet steak marinated in spicy Harissa sauce and cooked over a charcoal grill, hung over chips and Harrisa sauce. 

Dedos mixed grill for two (for 2 people) 19,95 pp
Chimichurri Rib Eye steak (220g)
Tender buttery steak prepared over a charcoal grill with a Latin American drizzle
Rack of BBQ ribs
Tender ribs with a deep smokey BBQ flavor
2 grilled Polish sausages
Southern fried buttermilk chicken tenders
Onion rings
2 Grilled corn on the cob’s


33. Grilled maple syrup salmon (220g) 17,75
Fresh salmon fillet chargrilled with a touch of maple syrup.


8 hours low and slow cooked. Finished on the grill

52. American style BBQ 11,95
Tender ribs with a deep smokey BBQ flavour

53. Thai sweet chilli, lemon grass & lime 11,95
Spicy with fragrant lemon grass & lime