Introducing three deliciously rich flavours of Freakshakes to tempt you. From sweet chocolate and scrumptious strawberry to mouth-watering banoffee. We´re not sure what the question is, but Dedos Freakshakes are most certainly the answer.


Creamy banana flavoured milkshake, topped with whipped cream, gooey caramel and chunks of crunchy Kit Kat.

Freakshakes in Las Americas
Choco Cookie freakshake, dedos global kitchen

Choco Cookie

Sweet chocolate flavoured shake, finished with fluffy cream, covered with Kinder Bueno and topped with yummy sprinkles.


Smooth strawberry flavoured milkshake, drizzled in chocolate spread and rainbow sprinkles, topped off with a delicious doughnut and squirty cream.

Tastiest Freakshakes in Las Americas, dedos